We are a brew club located in the Northwestern metro area of Minneapolis, specifically in Monticello (not strictly in Northwest Metro).

Our mission is brewing better Beer and Wine - for fun and education.

Thanks for visiting our website for River City Brewers, We are currently working on an update to our website, for the most up to date news & information please visit us on facebook


Meetings are held on a Monthly basis featuring congenial discussion, help and techniques for brewing beer and making wine for the membership. Taste samplings are offered at the monthly meetings brought by club members along with regular tastings of reference samples from the BJCP style guide to further educate members.  Demonstrations and club projects are frequent occurrences (group brew, barrel aged collaboration beer, etc.)  The club also offers members an opportunity to participate in a couple of group "bulk" buys each year for grain/hops and grape juice, and receives a club discount at a regional brewing supply store and local liquor store.  Membership is $15 annually pro-rated based on date.


If you drink beer or wine and/or have an interest in making your own, you qualify for membership.


Meetings are the first Monday of each month, at 6:30 pm unless the Monday falls on a holiday.  Meeting schedule is published on the Events/Calendar page within the website and on our Facebook page.
We currently meet at Lupulin Brewing Company in Big Lake unless stated otherwise on the Event/Calendar page.


You do NOT have to live in Monticello to become a member of RCB, it is simply the location for the monthly club meetings.  Don't be afraid to join us!  Interested and curious people are always welcome - this is a friendly group and you won't find yourself standing around waiting for someone to acknowledge you.  Come join the fun!






Founded May 2010