We are a brew club located in the Northwestern metro area of Minneapolis, specifically in Monticello (not strictly in Northwest Metro).

Our mission is brewing better Beer and Wine - for fun and education.

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Here are my abbreviated meeting notes from last Monday's meeting:
  • Meeting was called to order @ 6:30pm at Extreme
  • The last presentations at Lupulin Brewery were hard to hear because of a lot of noise and most people missed at least some of the presentation.
  • Hayes Public house is willing to host our meeting, but Extreme will remain River City's primary meeting place.
  • Two club members advanced to final rounds of the AHA nationals. Wayne M won a silver for his English Barley Wine; Wayne D. won a gold for a Kolsch and a bronze for a pale ale.
  • Next competition will be MCAB in St. Paul; there is also a all mead competition in Florida (Sunshine Mead Comp)
  • Barrel project, RIS or Belgian? Richard to lead?
  • Next driveway brew: Mark said he could host it in June at his home in Big Lake, date to be determined.
  • The club had tasting of home brew flaws. Michelob lite was dosed with diacetyl (butter), geosmin (earthy, some described it as soil or potatoes-beets) and ethyl acetate (nail polish).
  • We also tasted some wonderful meads from Kit and Paul, along with a bunch of beers from numerous members (this is always the most interesting part of the meeting, in my humble opinion).
These are my notes!
your temporary secretary,
Wayne Doucette